What is "Camp"?

Florida College Texas Camp is a summer camp sponsored and loosely governed by Florida College. The summer camp system was created by Florida College as a recruitment tool to introduce and invite prospective students to attend Florida College. To this end, FC summer camps all across the nation are patterned after the spiritual and social structure of Florida College.

We are not a "Church" or "Bible" camp, but we want to provide a camp that is governed by Christ-like principles. We have Bible study and worship each day because these activities should be a part of every Christian's daily life. The goal of our camp is not evangelism, nor is the camp an evangelistic tool of Florida College or any religious organization.

We want to provide young people with a balance of spiritual and recreational activities in which there is an emphasis on their relationship with God. We strive to instill principles of honesty, modesty, purity of life and other virtues taught in the Bible through these activities in this unique setting. We want to clearly communicate the joy of Christian living to both campers and to staff members.

The camp takes place at Camp Hensel in the Texas Hill Country northwest of Austin. Visit the FC Texas Camp website for more information, including registration info and directions to camp.

Junior Camp
Directors: Garrison Stinnett
Brooke Stinnett
Grades: 4th—8th
Senior/Winter Camp
Directors: Josh Johnson
Kris Johnson
Jeff Green
Sheri Hemby
Grades: 9th—Current Grads