The North Texas FC Booster Club

In 1975, Pat Farish, Robert Gabhart along with Jim and Pat Underwood met with Harry Pickup, Jr. in regards to chartering the Florida College Booster Club of North Texas. Ever since then, these individuals along with countless others, have donated time and resources to providing the youth of our area various opportunities to spend time with each other.

The primary annual events are the Junior and Senior Florida College Texas Camps - large enough to divide into two groups in the late 80's - held every July. This camp was originally held in Oklahoma, then moved to Thorp Springs, then St. Jo and currently Camp Hensel - nestled between Marble Falls and Cedar Park. In addition to these weeks, there is also a Senior Winter Camp held every year topping off with a New Year's party. For many years, softball teams gather from around (and out of!) the state to battle for the tournament trophy. This event has been so popular, we expanded to hosting tournaments in the summer and the fall. Other events are planned throughout the year to provide more time for the youth to spend time in positive Christian environments.

In 2017, this club transitioned into a chapter of the Hutchinson Bell. The Hutchinson Bell exists to serve alumni and friends and allow them to connect with valuable resources, continue to communicate with Florida College after graduation and cultivate meaningful relationships with one another and the college that brought them together.

The local booster club and now local chapter has had several presidents - Pat Farish (who served 3 different times in this capacity), Dan Vess, Jeff Wilson, Josh Johnson, and the newest president - George Davis. All of the presidents are Florida College alum, and is always looking for ways to promote Florida College to all students and their parents.